Love Angel Projects are all about kids helping kids.

It is designed to encourage Australian children to reach out and help others, reinforcing the values of humanity, compassion and kindness.

Our vision is to Educate, Inspire & Engage philanthropic behaviour in children, focusing on creating "Philanthropy of the future".

Love Angel Story

Ros Worthington's Love Angel Projects began in her home whilst looking after her grandchildren. On that day Ros taught her grandchildren the importance and value of helping others, by committing acts of Humanity, Compassion & Kindness... "Paying it Forward" in life, especially to children who are far less fortunate. 

Her granddaughter, in return, brought to life the "Love Angel". By creating these Love Angels, young children can learn how to actively participate in philanthropic behaviour, making positive change and creating life changing opportunities. 

From this concept, we designed the "Love Angel School Project". Love Angel School Project is simple... A plain piece of paper, cut into the shape of an angel becomes a conduit for delivering a philanthropic act. The experience helps a child to understand the power of "Paying it forward". 

We encourage all children to use their imagination, decorate the blank angels, allowing them to -


Their Love Angel is now born. Parents, grandparents, relatives, friends or neighbours are encouraged to "Pay it Forward", committing acts of Humanity, Compassion and Kindness by donating what they wish in exchange for the beautifully decorated Love Angels. 



St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls

"Recently our Junior School gave a helping hand to those in need, getting involved in the School Kindness Lunches program for the first time. Philanthropist Ros Worthington OAM visited to explain the concept to Year 1 to 6 students and staff, which involves making and delivering lunch for primary school students who often don’t have lunch at school. Our Year 1, 2 and 3 students decorated the lunch bags, Year 4 and 5 students made kindness cards to place into the bags, and Year 6 created joke cards to make the recipients smile. Our Community Service Committee worked enthusiastically to make 104 packed lunches including a chicken or ham and salad roll, a snack item, one piece of fruit and a drink for each."


Charlie de Boer, age 12, school Chisholm Catholic College

"To me, true philanthropy is the act of giving to those who need it more that you do. It is the act of giving, not receiving and is a very special feeling to be able to give back to those who really need it. I have been a Love Angels ambassador and through this have had many opportunities to give back, one of the main ones being delivering food and toys to a Balinese orphanage every year for about 4 years and seeing it grow with the help and support of the love angels from a small, four room, house holding about 20 children to a beautiful building with dentists, doctors, food and water and even a pool! I have also worked to start the School Kindness Lunches program which is now used across many schools in different places around WA and with the help of Ros Worthington and the Love Angels now supports and feeds many poorer schools and areas. I have loved working with the Love Angels and think that they are incredible and are essential to grow and develop communities around WA."