Ros is an engaging and motivating keynote speaker. She entertains audiences with he

Ros can run nurturing workshops for up to 12 people for any workplace or organisation. With love and wisdom, and her own brand of warmth and humour, Ros will guide participants through the tools of resilience, how to be present in life, harnessing the expertise of those around you, and walking the path to good mental health and wellness.

Using her vast experience, Ros can tailor her workshops to suit a specific need. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • How your organisation can give back in a meaningful way

  • Mental health risks in FIFO work

  • Personal growth through philanthropy and paying it forward

  • Parenting using the Love Angel concepts of kindness and empathy

  • How not to run a business (a tongue in cheek look at the business world)

  • Running a fundraising event

While Ros conducts these workshops based on her lived experience, she can also partner with experts in a given field, such as suicide prevention and awareness, if required.